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Transformational Ministries Inc. is pursuing the work of reconciliation for mending the torn social fabric between the genocidaires and the victims of the genocide. This process is imaginably difficult but it is doable and going forward across the country, Rwandans are seeking forgiveness and granting it. Cities, towns and villages that were torn apart by senseless violence are coming together once again. People are living and worshiping together. What the World once abandoned has become the shining star, but the journey continues.

And yet more that eighteen years after the genocide there are still deep scars. Some cannot face the crimes they have committed or forgive the wrong that was done to them. Unhealed pain hurts and un repented guilt kills only repentance and forgiveness can bring the healing that allows people to move beyond the past and move forward into a brighter transformational future (in sustainable development).

Article crated on 2014-09-07 01:31:52

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