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  1. Assist orphans, vulnerable children and the children of Historically Marginalized people (Batwa) through education facilities, and psychosocial support. The program will assist orphans and vulnerable children living within households in extreme poverty to move out of poverty by providing support to complete at least primary school, and in the case of orphans in households in extreme poverty, to also complete secondary school
  2. Develop Christian based leadership qualities through identification of key leadership areas: mobilize spiritual leadership into a preaching and teaching force , development of new approaches to a sustainable development, mobilization of stakeholders involvement, organizing bible studies, and youth programs to become entrepreneurs;
  3. Facilitate peace building, healing, reconciliation and transformational initiatives through researching issues and causes underlying ethnic tensions and inter-communal conflicts, designing training materials, organizing transformational workshop and promoting restoration of cultural values of good neighborliness.
  4. Strengthening social – economic capacities of evangelists, preachers and team members.
  5. Helping to strengthen and build institutional capacity based on moral values and a respect of human rights.

Specific Objectives

  • To increase the capacity of historically marginalized people through children’s education and family integration
  • To empower women with information on available services providers for response to gender
  • To develop women’s skills for improved health, team spirit and self-confidence
  • Increase access to education, retention and reduction of dropout rate of historically marginalized children.
  • Inspire historically marginalized peoples to participate in social activities, self esteem development and self-reliance through engaging in productive activity .
  • Promote psychosocial wellbeing of historically marginalized people through community advocacy, outreach programs and individual counseling.
  • Sustainably integrate historically marginalized people in a productive society thus creating sure security for environment.

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