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To raise up the conditionally marginalized people in society through evangelism, education, leadership training and all other means available to redeem their value, confidence and productivity.


To awaken their inborn talents through character development infused into different programs encouraging them to reach their full potential.

The issues;

1. Lack of education
2. Lack of proper leadership models
3. High levels of poverty
4. Lack of innovation for productivity
5. Environmental degradation
6. Erosion of cultural values
7. Lack of diversity in talents

Our planned activities: Ibikorwa dushaka kugeraho

1. To use evangelism to heal the broken hearted
2. To educate as many children, youth and women in society as possible
3. To infuse innovation into all methods problem solving
4. To mentor future leaders

Why we want to achieve those activities: Impamvu dushaka kubigeraho

• To reduce poverty and eradicate the culture of dependence
• To build a society with right values spiritually, culturally and economically
• To promote the use of innovation at lowest levels of society
• To promote the culture of environmental protection
• Capacity building with the goal of improving their standard of living

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