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The historically marginalized people’s women and girls suffer multiple or intersectional forms of disadvantages and discrimination caused by lack of access to education, poverty, early marriage, lack of soap, food and other things contributed to violence of different kind because of low esteem and unemployment.

Through Agriculture, Transformational Ministries managed to bought 3 pieces of land in different villages where historically marginalized people live to engage them in productivity, we need to expand the project to another villages, we need partners to provide selected seeds and fertilizer to promote the wellbeing of the historically marginalized people.

Through one cow program per family, this program is based on the premise that providing a dairy cow to historically marginalized people help to improve their households as results of a more nutritious and balanced diet from milk, increased agricultural output through better soil fertility as well as income
Transformational Ministries started cow program in the families of historically marginalized people, so far 19 families benefited from cow program and 8 cows gave birth.

The cost of a shed and a cow is 500 USD. We have more families to be benefited from this program.

Article crated on 2018-03-08 20:54:23

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