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The literacy program intention within adults from historically marginalized people "Batwa people" to provide basic reading, writing and numeracy skills to advance adults literacy in mother language (Kinyarwanda).

Literacy and non-formal education will serve socially constructive purposes to prepare Rwandan citizens to actively participate in the process of social, cultural and economic development. Ability to read and write is seen as a necessity to access information, and above all, to walk with one’s head high and participate at local level, in the national effort of construction.

Illiteracy is a major barrier to welfare and the implementation of development policies. Compared with other community members, Historically marginalized people’s in Rwanda are far behind and less happy, mostly because they don’t have land and livestock and have to survive on casual labour, they are not educated and do not have anywhere to turn to for support other than conditional begging.

The first class graduated among 15 adults women and men 13 of them performed very well. There is ongoing class of 15 adults who is learning how to read and write in mother language.

Article crated on 2018-03-08 20:50:53

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