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Hired office photo

Dear Beloved Friends,
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Greetings from Transformational Ministries in Rwanda, we have a hired office in Northern Province of Rwanda in Musanze District.
We focus on educating the children from historically marginalized people, known as the Batwa, supporting orphans and vulnerable children as well. We are an International Non Government Organization started in 2011 for those who have not known our background.
Thanks to everyone who have made any support (prayers or financially) especially to all Board members who contributed a lot to establish this ministry and their commitment to engage on reduction of poverty in Rwandan Society through education.

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This photo below taken at the distribution of school uniforms and other school needs
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This photo below taken during the field visit

Transformational Ministries in Rwanda believe that Education is a fundamental human right and contributes to human development”  Providing education to orphans and vulnerable children is a great contribution to breaking the cycle of inter-generational poverty.  For the people to access education is central to overcome lack of realization of their human rights such as the freedom of expression and productivity. Although, primary education in Rwanda is free, many direct and indirect cost of schooling still have to be covered by parents and individual households; so historically marginalized people’s poverty they cannot buy school materials which is a practical and a serious problem for most of their children’s education since the generally live in poverty; there are other limiting factors which are a barriers to historically marginalized well being. They don’t have land to grow food in addition to their attitude which may be a reflection of generational disparity.

Transformational Ministries is called to serve those categories of children we stated above by motivating them to go back to school, providing school material, uniforms, shoes, and school bags and other school requirements; more so we provide counseling to both the children and their parents

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This photo above has been taken after giving uniforms and other necessities. They were accompanied by their guardians or single parent
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This is lady was living in this open shelter with 5 children, we need to transform the lives of our people

We thank the Germany Embassy in Rwanda for a redemptive financial support that helped us to promote their well being to 120 households. We provided beds, mattresses, blankets, jerry cans, saucepans, plates and cups; helping them to get out of surging poverty and start to build a sustainable livelihood. We were also able to support 283 children to attend school and equipped them with all scholastic materials.

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This photo taken at the distribution of beds, mattresses, blankets, jerry cans, pots, cups and plates

We glad that by now this house is worked on by the local community after advocacy
We praise God for the new staff called Duka Salomon who has joined us to do the follow up of these children, visit them at school and homes, have meetings with their parents, and work with local leaders to change their attitude in general.
Duka Salomon

We are also requesting for prayers: one of our employee Thomas Schumann has a sick daughter called Marianne who has not felt well since December last year up to day. Thomas went back home in Germany to take care of her and comfort his wife in this difficult situation; unfortunately his contract had not ended. We are calling you to join us in prayer for Marianne.

The challenge we are facing is inadequate funds to cover the expenses of scholastic material for our children who are in sponsorship program and those who are in attendance list. Your contributions are most welcome We thank you and May the Lord continue to bless you

Bishop John Country Director

Article crated on 2015-08-18 20:42:49

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