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On Monday, January 23rd, 2012, Transformational Ministries Inc sponsored the training of 54 youth leaders from Musanze District. The purpose of this training was to strengthen the capacity of Youth for Building the future. The training included 3 primary topics:

The Role of Youth leaders in transforming local Society — Bishop John Rucyahana
Entrepreneurship — by Dave Ormesher
Youth Protection from Drugs — Pastor Jonas Mporana Matabaro

The Role of Youth Leaders

Bishop John Rucyahana, the founder of Bishop John and Harriet Rucyahana Ministries, expressed his gratitude to the youth for their desire to be more productive as they develop toward their intended destiny. The youth were encouraged to be more creative and to form cooperatives which will help them pool resources, and make it easier to find financing for their business.

He continued to encourage the youth to be honest, to practice accountability, and to work hard as they continue to be responsible citizens of Rwanda. Bishop John emphasized that the youth should be serious and fight for their dignity as leaders of tomorrow. Students left remembering the Bp. Rucyahana’s ringing statement, "Dignity cannot be donated, nor purchased in a supermarket".

Guest speaker Dave Ormesher from Chicago, IL (USA) was invited to describe to the youth how he grew his business from very humble beginnings: two chairs and two tables. Mr. Ormesher encouraged the youth that because he had a vision his business grew and flourished. He exhorted the youth to develop their own visions and to work toward achieving them. He also encouraged the youth:

  • to be bold
  • to be themselves
  • to exercise their God-given talent

Youth Protection from Drugs

The 3rd speaker was Pastor Jonas Mporana Matabaro who directs the Forum of National Unity and Reconciliation Commission in the District of Musanze. He spoke on the Role of Youth in combating Drug Abuse and the negative impact drugs can have on them. In his discussion with the youth Pastor Mporana Matabaro said the youth had been given an opportunity of being trained in leadership and they therefore had a great responsibility to become exemplary leaders. In order to be faithful therefore they should do everything possible to avoid being involved in risky behavior like using drugs and alcohol. He strongly encouraged them to be law abiding citizens.

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